About Us

Hello! I am Maria Baula- Schuh, originally from the Philippines and my family immigrated to Vancouver, BC in 1989.

I got married to Peter Schuh in ’92 and settled in the beautiful Nelson, British Columbia. My husband at the time envisioned having a dental practice in a home so when we saw this property which was a B&B at the time, we fell in love with it and purchased it in 2000.We converted the main floor into a dental office and created offices on the top floor and another office on the ground level with a separate self-contained suite. This suite is now known as the Silverking Suite.

We lived 20 miles out of Nelson so having a little apartment in Nelson was very convenient, especially when I had my two little boys (the 2 mistisos / mestizos) in tow with me all the time . The suite became our hang out spot when we needed a place in Nelson. It seemed excessive at that time to have it mostly empty, so I’ve decided to run it as a short-term vacation rental in 2001. We had the convenience of having space for my family every now and then, rented the suite as a short term vacation rental when there was a demand, and the other suites were rented out as offices, including a dental office for Dr. Peter Schuh.

At the end of 2002 ,one of our tenants gave us his notice and vacated the office. I saw the potential and the possibility of expanding our business by turning that suite into another self-contained suite which is now called the Kokanee Suite We at the time had to apply for rezoning to the city and made major renovations to convert it to a fully-furnished self-contained suite for a vacation rental.

2 years later, in 2004,the other commercial tenants on the top floor also gave us their notices to terminate the lease. As we were gaining momentum in the vacation rental business and tourism appeared to be progressively growing in Nelson, we seized this opportunity to turn the two rooms on the top floor into another self-contained suite and a separate room, which are now called Valhalla and Selkirk Room, respectively.

In 2009, we fully converted all the offices into vacation rental spaces. We decided to convert the biggest space on the ground level into a 2 bedroom suite, which is now the Purcell Guest Suite.
We love the property for the beauty and character of the building, for it’s privacy and location. Sitting on three city lots with mature privacy hedge and garden emanate the feeling of remoteness from the city yet as one steps out of the property, everything is right there within walking distance. Mistiso’s Place is conveniently located in the heart of Nelson where all the restaurants, shops, and different amenities are only a few steps away.

We hope you find the properties inviting, and hope even more that you will come see them for yourselves! Please get in touch with questions, or to book your stay at one of our suites. We’d be happy to share our insider knowledge of these places we love so much.